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Solenoid Pump NF series

High performance Magnetic pump


Base rotation pump

The pump base can be rotated 360°allowing flexible placement.

LCD Display

By remembering the actual inflow, this can show the discharge rate per time of pump usage (calculated value).

Key Lock Function

Key-lock can be activated by 3-point simultaneous touch.
This can protect against incidents of fraudulent or erroneous operation.


Dosing of Bathtub/pool sterilant (sodium hypochlorite, etc.)
Dosing of Food related fungicide/coloring agents/additive etc. 
Chemical dosing of Cooling tower, water treatment
Dosing of Paper and pulp chemicals, slime control agent
Dosing of Livestock related medication
Dosing of Hydroponic culturing, liquid fertilizing
Chemical dosing of Plating


Model NFF30 NFF60 NFH80 NFH100 NFH200
Maximum flow rate
30 60 80 100 200
Maximum discharge pressure
1.0 0.7 1.0 0.6 0.35
Diaphragm diameter (mm) φ37.5 φ44 φ44 φ51 φ58

Inlet/Outlet/ Automatic air venting
PVC braid hose
(Can use φ6xφ11,φ6xφ8)
PVC braid hose
(Can use φ6xφ8)
Manual air venting φ4xφ7 PVC hose
Number of strokes 1~300spm (LCD digital display)
Stroke length adjusting range 50~100%
Power supply / Frequency Single phase AC100~240V ±10% 50/60Hz
free power supply
Maximum electric current 2.5A 3.7A
Power consumption (average) 14W 22W
Protection Equivalent to IP65 (Outdoor specifications)
Notes 1) The maximum discharge capacity is based on the maximum discharge pressure
(100% stroke length with 300 spm).
  2) For details on the flow rate capacity and pressure, a performance curve is available.
  3) Maximum allowable viscosity: 50 mPa・s.
  4) Range of allowable fluid temperature: 0~40 degrees C
(temperatures that do not cause freezing or humoral changes).

φ6xφ11 and φ6xφ8 braid hoses can be used by replacing the standard hose connection
and standard union nut color set. For details, please contact us.


NFF/H Series


Re-released in May 17, 2013.
Wider range and the function can now be selected.
For inquiries, please contact us here or contact your closest sales staff.

Maximum flow rate: 200mL/min
Maximum discharge pressure: 1.0MPa
Maximum number of strokes: 300spm


Automatic air venting system

Steady air ventilation is possible even at high pressure. Steady air ventilation is also possible even when the number of pump strokes is low. The discharge amount is stable as it is affected minimally by the discharge pressure.

Maximum flow rate: 80mL/min
Maximum discharge pressure: 1.0MPa
Maximum number of strokes: 300spm

  • Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and requests
  • Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and requests