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To specifically provide for the basic views that serve as the basis of compliance from a viewpoint in line with globalization of business and to share such views among the Nikkiso Group, we have established the “Nikkiso Group Global Code of Conduct” (hereinafter, the “GCC”). 
The “GCC” is the highest level of standards with regard to the Nikkiso Group’s compliance and provides for faithful business activities (fair competition, prevention of bribery, trade control, prohibition of insider trading, and tax compliance efforts, etc.), protection of corporate assets and management of information (prohibition of transactions involving conflicts of interest, proper accounting reporting, information management, etc.) as well as respect for human rights and harmony with the environment (workplace health, environmental conservation, etc.).
We will forge ahead with our business activities in accordance with the “GCC” and fulfill our social responsibilities.

 Nikkiso Group Global Code of Conduct (Amended on December 4, 2017)

 Nikkiso Group Global Tax Standard of Conduct (Established on December 4, 2017)