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Control of trade

Trade Management – Nikkiso Group fundamental policy


Regarding all trade of controlled goods as specified in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law,
including direct and indirect illegal export from Japan (including illegal re-export, etc.), brokerage (including digital transactions), and fraud, we support a pre-emptive policy that aims to prevent illegal transactions before they happen.

Trade prohibition on applications such as military purposes, etc.

In accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, we strive to avoid being involved in transactions that pose a risk of obstructing the preservation of international peace and safety, regardless of whether or not the export transaction involves controlled items.
Products shown on this website and in catalogs (including parts, technical data, and information) may be subject to restrictions on exported goods as specified by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. Permission of the Japanese government and other authorization may be required when exporting such products.