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Corporate concept

Corporate Concept

Nikkiso’s corporate philosophy is to contribute to the world using its proprietary technologies, focusing on “human life” and “environment.”

With that concept in mind, we believe that water is the key to life and the environment—from drinking water supporting people at home to industrial water supporting the tech industry to waste water treatment facilities protecting the global environment. In this way, the flow experts at Nikkiso Eiko Co., LTD hope to ensure good quality water resources that contribute to our life and our environment.


The 21st century is called the century of water.
To that extent, ensuring good quality water resources is becoming an important issue around the world. These precious water resources, which are the essence of life, must somehow be protected, created, and reused.
Within the field of water treatment technology, our innovations and products specialize in accommodating the industrial sector.


Our successful Nikkiso Eiko Co., LTD product family is listed below. 

Metering chemical infusion pumps, chemical infusion units
Slurry transfer pumps, liquid transfer pumps
Water treatment and filtration units
Equipment embedded compact pumps

This is how Nikkiso Eiko Co., LTD supports the needs of society.
We aim to be a company that strives to contribute to a sustainable society by providing innovative technologies, products, and services in a way that helps our customers’ businesses.
Please look forward to future successes of Nikkiso Eiko Co., LTD