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Overseas Distributor Recruitment

We are currently looking for local distributors of the following countries.


  ・ Indonesia
  ・ Malaysia
  ・ Singapore



Principal Products

1) Diaphragm type metering pump(Max. 1.0 MPa)

    Main application : Chemical dosing for water treatment process,
    Injection liquid fertilizer at Hydroponic cultivation plant etc.


   a) Motor driven
     ADONY Series
       0.035/0.042 L/min(50/60Hz) x 1.0Mpa ~ 45-54L/min(50/60Hz) x 0.3MPa


     BX series
       14/16 mL/min (50/60Hz) x 1.0 Mpa ~ 2355/2845 mL/min(50/60Hz) x 0.5 MPa


   b) Solenoid driven
     NRX series
       15 mL/min x 1.0 MPa ~ 200 mL/min x 0.35 MPa (50 or 60Hz)


2) Positive displacement pump

    ・ EIKOFLEX / MONOFLEX (flexible rubber impeller) pump
        Main applications : handling Slurry (liquids containing solids) such as wastewater, seawater, etc.
        Feature : Self priming is available without priming liquid, handling Slurry / Gas commingled liquid


          Especially for this product, we are looking for a company that has workshop /
        technician who can assemble our pumps and locally procured accessories (motor, base plate etc.)



3) Bellows pump

       Simplex pump performance: 11/13mL/min(50/60Hz) x 0.35MPa ~
       2475/2970 mL/min(50/60Hz) x 0.1 Mpa

      Injection of various liquids.
       - Neutralizing agent
       - Flocculating agent
       - Chemicals
       - Additive
       - Bleach
       - Liquid fertilizer
       - Printing ink etc.

      Feature: Compact size makes it easy to install in equipment



If you are interested in our products, please contact us below.


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