Slurry handling

Slurry (liquid mixed with particle),
Gas mixed liquid can be transferred


4-6 m priming is available

Easy maintenance / Saving cost

Special tool is not required
Special skill is not necessary
A few consumable parts

Compact size

Easy to carry
Small footprint
Can be mounted on the system/vehicle


Ship and Marine

Bilge collection, Sprinkling, Transferring of seawater for cooling, etc.

Food and Bevarage

Raw material transferring or blending at Winery, Brewery, Dairy

Water treatment

Transferring slurry, wastewater, discharge water, etc.


Mounted on the system (ex; Dehydrator) ,on the vehicle (ex: agrichemical spray)

Operating principle

1)  Impeller blades are bended by eccentric CAM, and it rotates further
the blades return to the original state.
At this time, vacuum condition is generated in the pump casing,
and pump sucks in liquid.
MONOFLEX Operating principle 1
2) Liquid flows to the discharge port.
3) The blade is bended again by eccentric CAM, and reducing the volume / increasing the pressure
between the blades, therefore the liquid is discharged.
  MONOFLEX Operating principle 2   MONOFLEX Operating principle 3


Series Casing Port size (Rc thread) Motor Feature
FG SCS13 10/15/20/25/40/50/65 Option General purpose
FS SCS13 40/50 Option Sanitary care buffing
FA Bronze 10/15/20/25/40/50/65 Option or Electromagnetic clutch Bronze standard model
FB Bronze 25/40 Option Inclined impeller installed
FH Bronze 10/15 1ph/100V/50,60Hz popularly used on ship
FAH Bronze 40/50 3ph/200V(50,60Hz)/220V(60Hz) popularly used on ship
FD Bronze 25/40 DC 24V popularly used on ship
FY Bronze 50/80 Option or Electromagnetic clutch special design for seaweed transfer

     Stainless steel: General purpose

  Impeller details Material Internal code
   ● Standard  CR (Chloroprene Rubber) RC
   CRF (Chloroprene Rubber, Food grade) RX
   NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, oil proof) RB
   NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, oil proof, food grade) RY
   ● Semi-standard  CR (impeller bush exceptional design) RD
   CR (inclined impeller for FB model) AC


FG (Casing: SCS13 )    ce-mark DECLARATION


Ordinary use
Slurry handling
Raw materials transfer / blend in winery, brewery
Drainage transfer in food factory
Wastewater transfer for hydration
Scum collection


FS (Casing: Sanitary care buffing SCS13)

FGHシリーズ (ステンレス・ACモータ マルチポンプ)  

Food raw materials collection / transferring
Winery, Brewery, Dairy husbandry (milk)


FA/FB (Casing: Bronze)


Seawater transfer (for preserve, washing the deck etc.)
Mounted on the ship
Collection/Transferring of seaweed, fibrous materials
Bilge collection


FH (Casing: Bronze, with 1 phase /100V motor)

FHシリーズ (ACモータ ハンディタイプ)  

Port size (mm)  10 / 15
N/W (kg)    10 / 16
Motor (kW)   0.2 / 0.4
With carrying handle
Seawater supply and drainage for preserve
Transfer general service water


FAH (Casing: Bronze, with 3 phase IE3 motor)



Port size (mm) 40 / 50
N/W (kg)    28 / 53
Motor (kW)   1.5 / 3.7
Carrying handle (Option)
Water supply and drainage for cleaning
deck boards, holds etc.


FD (Casing: Bronze with DC 24V motor)

FDシリーズ(DCモータ ハンディタイプ)  

Port size (mm)  10 / 25 / 40
N/W (kg)    2.9/ 15 / 18
With carrying handle
Supply / Circulation of seawater for preserve
Sprinkling of water on deck, toilet for cleaning etc.


FY (Casing: Bronze)


Port size 50A / 80A
Exceptional design for collection / transferring
Seaweed or other Fibrous material without damaging the fiber

  • Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and requests
  • Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and requests