Bellows Pump

Bellows type metering pump

Nikkiso Eiko Bellows type metering pumps include the GS series, which use a small capacity synchronous motor; the GX series, which uses a shaded-pole motor; the GY series, which uses an induction motor; and the GD series, which uses a DC motor. We have a diverse line-up of models that can support the needs of our customer, including various applications, built-in equipment, etc. Creating a multi-purpose model by combining different sized Bellows type pumps is also available.


Discharge accuracy

Accuracy is ±1.5% at the maximum stroke length for freshwater. High accuracy is attained when operating with a maximum stroke length of 50% or more.

Self –priming Capable

0.7m(maximum)based on the clean water at ambient temperature.

Dry operation admissible

Dry operation is possible since there are no friction components.

Durable bellows

Superior flexing capabilities of polypropylene, which has excellent erosion resistance, provides millions of cycles under normal operating conditions.

Corrosion resistance

The body of the pump uses polypropylene, and the poppet valve and O-ring use EPDM, FPM, and CSM, to allow handling of acids, alkali, and other various corrosive liquids.

Liquid Temperature

Allowable liquid temperature: from 0 to +60 degree C.
 -Discharge pressure becomes less than half of the values stated in the specifications,
   if liquid temperature exeeds 50 deg.C
 -Depending on the pumping liquid, corrosiveness increases when the temperature exceeds 40 deg.C



Mounted on the device (ex: Syrup filling on vending machine)
Stable feeding the food additives
Printing and wiring board etching and cleaning
Water and drainage acid processing, alkali neutralization, and flocculent infusion
Metered infusion of various chemical liquids
Wide range of applications for additives and various types of liquid chemical bleaching agents
Liquid fertilizer injection of hydroponic culture (if 200V class motor is required, please contact us)




GS model – Synchronous motor: Instant stop, large flow

BellowsPump GS type simplex    

GX model – Shaded-pole motor: High discharge head, large flow

BellowsPump GX type duplex    

GY model – Induction motor: High discharge head, large flow

BellowsPump GY type triplex    

Internal Structure


Model Number Identification


  • Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and requests
  • Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and requests