ADONY® Metering Pump

ADONY®Metering Pump

The ADONY® Diaphragm metering pump AH series is a cost-effective, direct-acting metering pump series.
By utilizing a vertical form flange motor and a variable pump structure, this model saves space, and its design and production makes it durable enough for use in any environment, including chemical factories, water and sewer systems, sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants.
With their many years of experience, the pump experts at Nikkiso Eiko have cultivated technology and quality materials to meet the various needs of their customers.



Vertical mounted motor enables space-saving


PVC, SUS304, SUS316 diaphragm heads available

※PVDF material can also be produced depending on the type and shape


Various connection types available: Flange, union, hose (AHA01 to 32: PVC)


Durable and simple oil-bath drive unit



Chemical Metering and Dosing (pH control), sampling

Waste water treatment plants
Water processing plants

Chemical plants
Paper manufacturing plants

Food processing plants
Mining/Iron plants


Flow rate Minimum: 0.035L/min, Maximum: 54.0L/min (Option:dual heads is possible)
Maximum discharge pressure 1.0MPa (AHA01 to 32)
Repeatabillity of preciese pumping ±2%
Stroke length control 1:4
Rotation control 1:10


Electro servo unit (For AH) series


エレクトロサーボユニット (AHシリーズ用)  
By setting up the electro servo unit to a ADONY® diaphragm metering pump AH series model, the pump discharge can be adjusted automatically according to a flow, pH, turbidity or other signal controller.
The discharge adjustment unit was placed in the central control room previously and is now integrated into the pump.
In addition, a wider range of controls is achieved by using the servo unit together with the inverter.

Pulseless diaphragm pump AM series

パルスレスダイヤフラムポンプ AMシリーズ  
Using a unique eccentricity cam, this pump has a design that produces a smooth flowing composite waveform synthesized by two discharge rate curves.
By breaking down the structure and design of wetted and drive parts of existing metering pumps, we have successfully reduced size and cost of the product.
Instead of Gear pumps with shaft seals and rotary pumps can be operated with a high degree of trust, thanks to constructions that lack the sliding portion, which reduces both of issues fluid leak and injection volume variation issues.

Plunger type metering pump SK series

Plunger type metering pump SKA series Plunger type metering pump SKB series Plunger type metering pump SKC series
SKA series SKB series SKC series
This pump has a wide range of applications such as high pressure line metering in chemical factories, boiler drug infusion, built-in equipment metering, etc.
It succeeds in being able to withstand long-time usage due to its solid construction.
By regulating the crank portion’s stroke length, the plunger pump has a linear variation between 0 and 100%.
  • Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and requests
  • Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and requests